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Joint Custody - Levi Johnston to File for Joint Child Custody of Son with Former Fiancee Bristol Palin

November 10th, 2009 · No Comments

Reportedly, Levi Johnston said he is planning to file for legal joint custody of his 10-month-old son, Tripp, with former fiancee Bristol Palin. Levi Johnston, 19, has made claims in the past that the Palin family has prevented him from being alone with his son Tripp — And things have only gotten worse. Reportedly, he told The Insider, “Not working. I’m done,” “It’s going to have to go to court. They just finally pushed me over the edge.”

The feud between Levi Johnston and the Palin family heated up again last month when Levi said on CBS’s The Early Show that Sarah Palin referred to her infant son Trig, who has Down syndrome, as “retarded.” Sarah Palin reportedly shot back, saying, “We, like many, are appalled at the inflammatory statements being made or implied. Trig is our ‘blessed little angel’ who knows it and is lovingly called that every day of his life.” Sarah Palin also slammed Johnston for stripping down for Playgirl at a shoot scheduled to take place next week, saying, “Those who would sell their body for money reflect a desperate need for attention and are likely to say and do anything for even more attention.”

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