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Child Custody Blog was created to provide our visitors with helpful and news worthy content, information, media, and commentary on the subject of Divorce and Child Custody. While this blog is primarily textual, you will find images, video and other media related to custody and divorce such as famous child custody battles, famous divorces, custody tips and more...

What is the Child Custody Coach Weblog?

The Child Custody Coach Weblog was setup to allow me the ability to deliver information, news, articles, thoughts, answers, feedback, dialogue, and the like, quickly to visitors of my website in a relaxed, fun, and informal environment. The weblog can be thought of as a one-stop shop for news and updates related to Child Custody Coach and matters related to child custody and divorce.

Ultimately, my aim is to help educate parents struggling with child custody and divorce related issues so they can be empowered with information and make more informed decisions so they can protect and secure a healthy relationship with their children. The information, thoughts, questions, and answers I post are for educational and informational purposes only. Some of the topics I post will be inspired by your e-mails, your feedback, parents I speak with, clients I work with, etc. such as commonly asked questions or concerns related to child custody and divorce. I’ll try to keep the topics as neutral as possible. However, I realize when dealing with a contoversial and highly emotional subject such as child custody it will be close to impossible to not offend someone. Lastly, I am not an attorney so please do not mistake my opinions or the information I post as legal advice – as it is not.

Who are you?
My name is Steven Carlson and I am known nationally as The Custody Coach. I am the founder of Child Custody Coach in Orange County, California, which provides individualized help and educational services to parents in the field of child custody, divorce, and custody evaluations on a national level. I am also the author of “How to Win Child Custody,” an E-Book which contains information, secrets, and strategies to help parents in all states faced with the challenges of child custody, divorce, and/or child custody evaluations in the family courts.

What do you do?
I coach parents in high-conflict child custody and divorce situations to increase their knowledge and understanding of their child custody situation, which helps elicit practical solutions and strategies from them based on their specific needs. I am not a therapist or an attorney, so I do not provide therapy or legal advice. Working one-on-one with my clients can help streamline their goals, make them more efficient and effective, use their attorney more effectively, improve their child custody/visitation results, and reduce their attorney fees along the way. You can visit my website to read some sample testimonials about my E-Book and the services I offer or for more information about Child Custody Coach. Please visit

How to Win Child Custody E-Book

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