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Child Custody Statistics

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Finding accurate child custody statistics and divorce statistics is difficult and the data provided is often unclear. However, there are some general divorce statistics and child custody statistics that will give you a general idea as to what is taking place today in the family courts. According to more recent U.S. Census Bureau divorce statistics, about 2.5 million people get divorced each year.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), nearly 75 percent of all child custody awards are made to the mother. Only about 10 percent of child custody awards are made to fathers. The rest of the child custody awards involve some sort of joint custody arrangement.

According to the Census Bureau, parents who owe child support are more likely to pay the ordered child support if they either share custody of or have visitation rights with their children.

Recent Census Bureau child custody statistics also indicate that nearly 40 percent of all noncustodial fathers have no access to or visitation rights with their children.

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