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Why are ads displayed?

The ads displayed on the Child Custody Coach website offsets some of the cost of hosting the site. The ads are obtained through Google's AdSense program and are chosen automatically by Google based on the content of the page. If no applicable ads are available for a given page, Google displays public service ads.

Ad Alternatives
There are alternatives to displaying ads on a site. You can ask for donations through the Amazon Honor System or via PayPal. You can charge a subscription fee to view "premium" content sections. Glaring image-based ads is also an option among others.

ChildCustodyCoach.com decided to display ads from Google's AdSense program. This allows visitors of this site to have access to relevant and free content. If Google's algorithms are working correctly, the ads will be very relevant to the information on the page.

How To Thank Us
Please do not click on ads haphazardly in an attempt to generate more revenue for this site. Only click on ads that truly interest you. If you want to thank us for anything, do any or all of the following:

  1. Send us an email with your comments. These are very much appreciated!
  2. Post an honest review of the material you found helpful on a message board.
  3. Read one of our online articles. If you like it, tell the site that published it that you'd like to see more of our work.
  4. Tell your friends about your experience and what you found helpful.

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