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Child Custody Form

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How does one obtain and complete a child custody form? While child custody statistics vary from state to state it seems more and more divorcing parents are moving away from the expensive and traditional full service attorney representation model in child custody cases and moving towards self-representation. Divorcing parents are increasingly seeking help with their divorce or child custody case in the form of unbundled legal services, document preparation services and legal document assistance. With the high cost of attorney representation there are a growing number of divorcing parents looking for help with self-representation.

Many divorcing parents with children want to know where to obtain a child custody form and where to file it. Child custody forms and child custody papers are often provided by the local family courthouse. You can contact your local family courthouse to find out if child custody legal forms are provided there or if free online custody forms are provided on the courts website.

Once you locate the proper child custody form you may need help completing it. A child custody form may contain many questions about your specific child custody motion. The questions on the child custody form can differ from state to state and county to county. If you cannot fill out the child custody form yourself you’ll want to explore your options for assistance completing it.

For advice on completing a child custody form you may want to contact a family law attorney in your area. Only a licensed attorney can provide you with legal advice. For assistance with completing a child custody form you may want to contact a legal document assistant (LDA). Some LDA’s work in their own private practice and some LDA’s may work under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Legal document assistants may be able to help you with completing your child custody form at your specific direction. However, LDA’s cannot provide you with legal advice unless he/she is also an attorney. For legal advice about completing your child custody form and where and how to file it you’ll want to consult a licensed family law attorney in your jurisdiction.

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